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Rusty Payton

Attorney Rusty A. Payton has practiced in Chicago for the last twenty four years. He is an honors graduate of the Ohio State University and the Ohio State College of Law. His practice areas are centered around helping people and businesses with some of the most important aspects of their financial lives. Buying a home, signing a lease, getting a security deposit back, forming a new business, filing bankruptcy, negotiating debt relief, dealing with foreclosure or working with a mortgage lender to modify a loan or perform a short sale - these are all common aspects of the firm's practice.

Mr. Payton's overriding concern is to always match his clients' goals with the best and most practical legal solution.  He does this by listening, communicating and employing legal strategies and remedies that suit the particular client situation. He understands that every client brings a unique set of facts and circumstances to the table.  His work on behalf of all clients is just as personal.  At our firm, clients are treated with the utmost respect, and their legal needs are met with exceptional attention to detail, understanding and professionalism.

Erickson Ocasio

Erick is currently our Chief Financial Officer is a Native New Yorker Transplanted from NYC 22 years ago. As Chicago is called the Second City, Chicago is certainly the First City for Erick. Since graduating with a Degree in Bachelor’s of Science with State University of New York, Erick has a vast array of  experience in Real Estate, Financing, Marketing and Advertising. Working on Wall Street for over 10 years. He has held positions of Management with Citicorp, Allianz Insurance, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company and Arthur Anderson. He has also managed various Non-Profits including Heritage Health in New York City and various other Non-Profits.

Erick’s devotion, dedication and experience is unparalleled. His experience includes Investments, Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, Reconciliation, Client Accounts, Escrow Accounts, Personal and Corporate Tax Accounts, Audit Statements, etc..  He also has quite a range of experience with Social Media and He is quite organized and detailed in his work.

As a 1st Degree Black Belt in Seido Karate with Thousand Waves Karate in Chicago, he dedicates his personal time with children and adults with training in Self Defense and Martial Arts.


Erick currently holds a real estate license in the State of Illinois and he is currently working on his New York Broker's License and Law Degree.   

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