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Loan Modifications Which Make Sense for Our Clients

Payton Legal obtains comprehensive information about our clients' loans by utilizing federal regulations requiring mortgage loan servicers to be more transparent. These regulations disclose information about the validity of fees and charges that may have been assessed, the best options available for the modification of each client's loan and the identity of the investor in each loan. 

The trained loan modification team at Payton Legal has a proven track record in obtaining practical loan modifications for our clients. We assist our clients in assembling a loan modification application with the best chance of approval, timed to make sure each client uses the loan modification process to obtain the best possible outcome, including maximum protection from a potential foreclosure. 

At any given time, we are pursuing loan modifications for over one hundred clients with more than twenty different servicers. Loan modification applications have become legal work and our firm stands ready to assist clients before and after they fall into default on their mortgage. 
Lawyers from our firm have helped homeowners save their homes from foreclosures, negotiated modification of loans and tax claims, prosecuted claims under federal and state consumer protection laws and designed workout plans inside and outside of bankruptcy that have allowed our clients to protect their assets. These actions have returned our clients, their families and their businesses to sound financial footing.
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