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Payton Legal specializes in representing those who have been harmed by banks, debt buyers, debt collectors and other financial predators. Consumers and borrowers who are facing foreclosure or are in financial distress deserve representation by an experienced team with proven successes. The attorneys at Payton Legal are skilled in identifying defenses and potential counterclaims and are unafraid to take powerful institutions to court. We take care to develop a customized strategy for each client’s unique situation. Our goal is to help you protect your assets and hold accountable anyone who has brought financial harm to you and your family.

Lawyers from our firm have helped homeowners save their homes from foreclosures, negotiated modification of loans and tax claims, prosecuted claims under federal and state consumer protection laws and designed workout plans inside and outside of bankruptcy that have allowed our clients to protect their assets. These actions have returned our clients, their families and their businesses to sound financial footing.
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